The life of a comic artist when comic art falls out of the picture (a bit)

I had set myself up to do an update every two weeks. The past two weeks have been full of video production, which is my other line of creative work currently. With the build up of school, it hasn’t been as easy to draw (especially when school means writing: a lot) Thanks a lot, midterms and accumulated writing projects.

Meanwhile, I have been starting to think about future projects and possibilities (not really sure how these are going to go yet)

I do want to say that I am working on scripting my thesis comic (I’m currently on page 10, out of an estimated 25 pages) The draft will be done Friday, and in between I’ll be working on character designs, drawing scenes, etc. My spring break is coming up soon, and while I’ll be making an escape to warmer weather in North Carolina, I will be drawing for my thesis one way or another.

Whew. This second half of the semester is going to be much more intense than the first. I just have to keep telling myself that it will end with a new comic.


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