My portfolio!

As part of being a senior in the Professional Writing program at MSU, we have to create a portfolio of our work and present it to a group of professors, students, and community members. I presented mine today, much of which lends to the influence of comics on my work. You can check it out here.

I am on page 28 of blue penciling. I will (not hope, will) have page 30 done by tomorrow. At that point, I will start inking (I’ve already inked through page 11, minus the text) On top of that, I will burn the screens for screenprinting my covers within the next two days, and soon will be immersed in screenprinting/inking/sleepless/caffeine raging fiesta. And I have to finish this in 10 days. It’s fun, exciting, and crazy!!!!

More to come very soon!


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