Productivity rules!

Last night, after having a conversation with my comics classmates Alex Churn and Asher Craw about how to be more productive and better at time management as comic artists, I decided to put their suggestions to use. I set two hours aside where all I do is draw (I did give myself a 10 minute snack break in between hours), but besides that, everything I did was drawing related. No procrastinating on the internet, no following every urge to go do something else, I simply focused on drawing. What came of that is I am (almost) done finished penciling page 18 of my comic:


2 thoughts on “Productivity rules!

  1. John says:

    Nice! You’re almost home free Fiona!

  2. Lucy Bellwood says:

    Wooyeah! Get some! Forcing myself to focus on a single task (especially drawing) for a stretch of time is one of my favorite tactics for making shit happen. And it makes you uncomfortably aware of how often you try to distract yourself from the task at hand — which can be a good thing…in the long run.

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